Obligatory First Post

Except of course it isn’t. Those with long memories may shudder as they recall my first stab, the decidedly accurately named Really Low Expectations. Taken from us for being too good for this world (that is my defence and I’m sticking to it) it now falls upon this new blog to carry on the illustrious lineage.

There are two explanations for my return to writing for the benefit of the few;

1. A somewhat self-absorbed and dull reason involving my realisation I have a job not a career.

2. Shep mentioned he liked reading the old one.

I recommend focusing on option 2 and hoping option 1 goes away never to be seen again. My target is to beat Shep’s current post count (3) with anything beyond that being a bonus. The observant may notice that even though the name has changed the really low expectations live on.


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