Inching Slowly Towards a Point

Though it may not look it, this is a post of destiny. For there were two ways it could have gone; recanting the frankly  somewhat banal problems I’m having with my router or to aim for some kind of theme that may be of interest to other people. I have selected option two, though that does leave the problem of what on earth to do.

Fortunately a particularly inaccurate recent news item has given me a solution; the joyus world of the London Underground. Sure that does somewhat limit the appeal to those living in London but it also has advantages;  I know about it from an almost insiders viewpoint, no other bugger is doing it (or so a fairly lazy google search indicates) and it may serve as a form of therapy to get a few things off my chest and exorcise a few of the more lingering memories.

For those wondering where the ‘Destiny’ part came in I suggest you brush up on the definition, destiny does not have to be important, large or even particularly interesting.


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