Why my industry has thus far avoided a host of exciting blogs

As has been mentioned before there is an explicable lack of tunnel blogs, somewhat unusual when there is a blog on seemingly everything else (doubtless there is a rule of the internet codifying that requirement).

But if it is explicable what is the explic? Rest assured I will now explain. This very day I became aware of an industry rumour that would actually be understandable by non-tunnellers without pages of technical explanation. What is more it involved classified (possibly even secret) information, government incompetence and general fail all round. Hell it might even have a noticeable impact on people, depending on how things pan out. And yet, it would still be a dull story to most people.

Even with all those ingredients I suspect it rates, at best, a ‘Meh’ from anyone not in tunnels while I imagine the average response is probably be far lower, somewhere around the ‘Why have you wasted my time making me read this?’ level. And bear in mind this was actually one of the more interesting stories, normally it’s a lot less exciting.

So there you have it, an explanation for a question you have doubtless never asked yourself. Things are probably going to be all downhill from here for that poor doomed ‘Tunnels’ tag…..


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