Cause and Effect #173

This latest stunner from the RMT caught my eye for the claim people are shooting air guns at tube drivers. Turns out on reading the article (page 2) it’s in fact someone firing an air gun at Bakerloo line trains damaging a few windows. A nasty surprise to be sure and certainly not something to be encouraged but I still think the illustrative picture of a sectarian terrorist with an AK is not really appropriate.

However the whine about the police not rushing over an armed response unit instantly did remind me of this restrained picture;


Which is the balanced and entirely fair image RMT London use for their police and justice site. Now you could argue that the Police should rise above such things and treat all equally, but lets be honest we’re dealing with human beings here. If someone spends years insulting and abusing you and your entire profession your not going to bust a gut to help them are you? Particularly when they’re not in any real danger and are just looking for an excuse to knock of early and claim a fortune in compo for stress.


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