Educational Intermission

This quite outstanding Leaflet came through the post today, begging that the teacher in my life voted for Mr Hank Roberts as the London (Outer) representative on the NUT Executive. Leaving aside minor quibbles (he’s gone to the effort of getting a campaign website yet still uses a Hotmail email account?) my major issue comes down to the fact the man can’t spell the word ‘Academy’ but is nevertheless very proud of fighting them.

Quite aside from the hilarity of a teacher not being able to spell, and lets face it who doesn’t find that amusing, it does somewhat undermine his case that there is no need to raise educational standards.

Unless of course he has actually organised the “country’s longest running anti-academny campaign”, in which case it’s been a stunning success; there are no academnys in Brent or indeed anywhere in the UK I’d wager. Academies though? There are at least four of them in Brent that I’m aware of with more planned.

On which note here is the vandalised wiki article of the day. The connoisseur will note that while the parts pointing out the school’s truly terrible OFSTED results have been removed, sections such as “Students can work towards 12 pieces of chicken examinations.” remain. Best of all, as far as I can determine the actual 2005 OFSTED report was a horror show, certainly the 2008 report talks about ‘significant progress’ but then awards only a satisfactory and lists a catalogue of problems. How bad must you have been to make huge improvements but still be only satisfactory. And isn’t that the wiki problem in a nut shell, facts are removed but the vandalism remains?


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