Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding #6

Another weekend, another song that has probably never been played at a wedding. After last week’s sledgehammer of intent this time something more subtle, not that much more subtle I admit, but it has a melancholy beauty all it’s own;

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Points will be awarded if the bride actually looks over her shoulder while walking up or if the groom slightly sighs in regret as the veil is lifted. Double marks for a brief but pregnant pause during the ceremony, lingering just a bit too long on saying ‘I do’ as the speaker resigns themselves to never meeting the love of their life and settling for the best they could get. Extra marks if the other have notices this pause and runs out crying as their perfect day. Full points will only be awarded if the person left at the altar eventually marries the best man/bridesmaid and lives happily ever after.


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