Our Survey Says

Annoying news item in the Evening Standard tonight on the latest PPP deal. Frankly it was wrong in almost every respect save for the fact that PPP was a damned stupid idea. I was going to post something on it however in depth statistical analysis appears to reveal no-one actually reads those rants and only the ‘Inappropriate songs for a wedding’ posts get any readers at all.

Why I expected anything else I know not, but at least I found out before writing a detailed critique that no-one would read. On the plus side it does at least leave more time for song based updates, which should please the several readers who appear to enjoy them.


2 Responses to “Our Survey Says”

  1. Hey, I read the long-winded rants. No idea whether anyone else does, though.

  2. The blog stats graph says it may well just be you. The big spikes come on the stupid song posts and the troughs on the rants.

    ‘Big spike’ is of course relative, sometimes even 10 people. However the troughs are low by any standards, until someone invents negative views of course.

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