Another Gratuitous Waste of Money

This is a stupid idea. As no-one is mentioning costs I can’t comment on the economics of it, but I can say (and indeed the bloke in the film admits) this will be be sod all use on calm days. Or more technically half the capacity will be sod all use on calm days (600 MW is wave)  the other 600 MW is tidal and so if guaranteed to be producing nothing half the time. And the company is inexplicably proud of that. Sure compared to wind power that is quite a good achievement (In Spain a 25% load factor would be considerably above average), but in terms of reliable power generation it must class as a fail.

If nothing else it’s a clear admission that the country will need to maintain 100% backup for every watt of ‘green’ generating power in the UK. Not only is that not cheap it sure as hell isn’t green. Wouldn’t it be easier to stop wasting all this money, spend it on getting fusion power sorted with the added bonus my energy bills go down? Who loses?

Still nice to see some amusing green-washing from E.ON. They have a whole 1.5 GW of renewable capacity ‘under development’, which is a big number to be sure. But at the same time they’re also trying to build a new coal power station at Kingsnorth which is 1.6GW of definite capacity on it’s own, and that’s before considering all the other non-renewable stuff their doing, but inexplicably that fact doesn’t make their ‘Note to editors’.

Still we shouldn’t mock them too much, we’ll need some reliable power stations to cover all that wave and tidal energy which will only work intermittently.


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