One of Constructions Great Questions

There are many great questions in construction, but one that does tend to crop up fairly regularly is  why do socialist governments like teasing the construction industry with the promise of vast amounts of lucrative work from a credulous client (i.e. themselves) through some form of national investment bank? (A subsidiary question is why do they always chose similar names for these schemes?) This is a worldwide left wing phenomenon that’s been going on for years, see Australia, America and of course the politburo of Comrade Brown, yet there is no answer to the conundrum.

This idea keeps cropping up but keeps never happening and it is a mystery. Sure communistical leaning governments do like their massive public work schemes and grand projects, but as I said these investment bank schemes never happen so that’s no explanation. All I can think is that they deep down hate the construction and engineering industries and like to taunt them with ideas that they know will never happen. Perhaps they enjoy feasting on the cruelly raised hopes and crushed dreams? Damned if I can think of a better reason to keep bringing it up then not doing it.

As to the idea itself? Well it’s a very  stupid one who’s only attraction is to the industry, in terms of lack of understanding, bad contract writing and endless pockets  will never find a better client than central government. Fortunately (for everyone else) it depends on ‘cross party consensus’ which in practice tends to mean letting the people who follow you take the credit for schemes you started, as that’s about as popular in political circles as actually listening to voters it’s never going to happen.

I’ll end with my normal complaint, Labour has had 13 years the vast bulk of which were in a booming economy. If they gave a flying f*ck about infrastructure why didn’t they start this 13 years ago? I accept this applies to almost every recent government announcement but that doesn’t invalidate the point. We won two complete world wars in less than 13 years, there really is no excuse.


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