The Joy of a Colossal Cheese Grater

It’s that time of the year, the eagerly awaited some-firm-I-forget Skyscraper of the year award! Actually technically speaking it was that time about a month ago, but hey it’s only just made the engineering update emails. If this is a reflection of the laziness of the updaters or the fact no-one thinks the awards are important I know not. But anyway to the awards.

While the winner itself is dull, being basically just another glass and steel tower, second place is funky. Best of all it’s actually happened unlike other crazy ideas. It is, of course, a stupid idea and will doubtless never be filled, there are far too many skyscrapers in Dubai already. But where as the 800m tall Burj Khalifa is merely over-compensation on a colossal scale and thus tiresomely boastful the O-14 is so strange as to be joyous.

As Dubai collapses in a pit of bankruptcy, mainly due to expensive dick waving such as giant empty towers, few will mourn their ostentatious cash splurging and casual contempt for the basics. I however will miss the occasional gems of madness that sneaked through, the strange joys you get when there is far, far more money than sense.


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