What Am I Missing?

I receive endless rubbish from various bodies telling me about the latest new step that will help women in engineering. Leaving aside the issue I don’t want more people in engineering of either gender (the current skill shortage is wonderful for wages) most of them are fortunately utter tosh, but some of them don’t just take the biscuit but the whole factory. Suggestions like this one for a new designed for ladies safety shoe.

Now traditional safety shoes may well be uncomfortable for women but I really did scratch my head over these two points;

This reinforces the perception that ‘women don’t belong in construction’ and does little to boost confidence or create a professional appearance

Compared with earlier in the article

And these boots have an added extra – they’re purple!

So a purple shoe is more professional and will fit in better than a possibly badly fitting one. What’s next? A new type of specially reinforced hi-vis pink nail polish?  Seriously what world are these people living on? I mean does this look professional? It’s like every cheap stereotype about women being obsessed with shoes and looking pretty compressed into one item of footwear.

And the important part? The entire range is steel-toe cap only, i.e. no steel mid-sole reinforcement and definitely not serious site or rail-spec. So they’re of no use to someone working on an active site or the railways but perfect for someone who just watches other people work and only tours the finished parts. The kind of people in fact that site workers think ‘don’t belong in construction’…..


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