Vote Labour for a Bucket of Sunshine

On seeing the front cover of Labour’s manifesto my first thought was “That looks like a family watching a nuclear bomb go off.” And once you have that idea in your head all you can see is a family enjoying the spectacle of a bucket of instant sunshine before being vaporised,  see for yourself;The Front Cover to a pack of lies

However it gets better, while looking for a version of the picture to link to I found this marvellous post which, while noting the same fact, brings your attention to the resemblance of the stylised family figures to 1940s/50s Stalinist propaganda. I would put a conclusion here but frankly that link already has the best summary;

Somehow, by trying to be forward-looking and optimistic, Labour has managed to come up with something which appears to carry echoes of both totalitarianism and nuclear holocaust.


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