Tenuous Link of the Day

Slightly belatedly I discover this cunning ruse to separate me from my hard earned money, Brent council about to piss more money up the wall for no damned good reason. This is not say TB is not a serious problem nor to deny that Brent is the UK capital for that disease, however I would be exceptionally surprised if it had anything to do with housing. Hell it’s not as if the housing in Brent is particularly bad, even in London there boroughs with a worse housing stock and that’s without even mentioning Glasgow. If there was a link between housing and TB surely those places would have even higher levels?

If were going to throw around wild theories based on statistical co-incidence how about the interesting statistic that Brent has the UK’s highest percentage of people born outside the country. The theory would then be that these immigrants, coming mainly from countries too poor to afford a vaccination campaign, bring the disease with them.

Now I’ve no idea if that’s correct but surely it’s at least as likely as the ideas of a bunch of US architects, indeed a bunch of US architects who are too shifty even for Wikipedia.

More important than all that this fails the Daily Mash test; if the conclusion is “Anyway, the point is we need more money” then the report can almost certainly be safely ignored.


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