The Fickle Incompetence of Crowds

A handy counter point to the whole wisdom of crowds and crowdsourcing guff; Ebbsfleet United have been relegated. For those who missed the story (or never cared in the first place) this is the football club that was brought by random internet chaps under the guise of MyFootballClub.

These new internet overlords directed the club using the votes of the members, with frankly disastrous results, not least the club ending last season with only 3 players on the books as they left it too late to negotiate with the rest of the team, hence they all buggered off. Unsurprisingly they therefore struggled this season and finally got relegated.

So lessons to learn from this; crowds can and do arse things up,people are fickle (out of the original 30k members only 800 are still paying and total membership has slumped to 4k) and having a very public vote of confidence on the manger (i.e. actually tallying up people in favour of sacking him and then publicising the very, very close result) does undermine his authority.

Frankly nothing you couldn’t have guessed beforehand, but always nice to see these things confirmed.


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