A New Low In Inexplicable Connections

I realise it is De rigueur to try and link your product to the World Cup, no self respecting marketeer would be able to show their face if they hadn’t tried to link crips, TVs or even washing powder to football. But surely this is a new low;

World Cup Offer
BOOK NOW and receive up to 40% off any of our courses running between 1st June 2010 and 30th September 2010. Simply visit our website before 12th June 2010, make your booking quoting WORLDCUP10 and we will give you a special discount.

Follow the link and you will discover this obviously football linked product is;

Sustainable Development – Design, Construction And Maintenance

Is it possible to think of a less sustainable development than a major sporting event? After the razzmatazz of the event the infrastructure normally lies empty, just look at any Olympic city for that. Hell even now people are pointing out that South Africa’s vast investment is probably a white elephant (are you still allowed to say that in the Rainbow Nation, definitely-not-racist South Africa? Isn’t it the correct phrase Historically Advantage Native Pachyderm of Non-conventional Utility?). Not to mention the questionably morality of spending damned near a billion quid on new stadiums and then building them right next to people living in shacks without power, sewerage or even running water. Then there’s all the extra spending on roads, hotels, airports, security, the list is endless really, almost as long as the list of better things to spend money on. Or more technically ‘Better things to spend borrowed money on’, but such distinctions are often lost of the political class.

On the other hand is it actually worse than say McDonalds sponsoring football? Well yes it is, because this is far more blatantly hypocritical. You can eat a burger (or eat a mars bar or whatever) in moderation and still play football, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. However ‘sustainable development’, no matter how you define it, cannot be reconciled with running up massive debts to build un-needed infrastructure right next door to grindingly poor people.

Still it’s all money isn’t it? And as the ICE’s charter (doesn’t) say; sod principles and standards if we can make a few quid out of it.


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