The biggest obstacle to safety on the railways

I’ve mentioned in the past rail safety is a horrific mess full of paperwork and fail which is undoubtedly producing a great deal of forms ticked but perhaps killing too many people. Well worry no more for the guardians of rail safety have emerged from their luxurious offices to present; The New Approach

Those of you foolish enough to actually click on that will have been rewarded with a pile of bilge complete with such ridiculous statements as;

The output from the New Approach is assumed to have a safety benefit of 0.245 fatalities and weighted injuries per year

Which I think means it might stop one person being killed or serious injured every four years but frankly it’s a pile of tripe anyway you cut it. I could go on but I’ll just state this point, the whole point of the New Approach is to simplify the rule book and make it easier to understand and more accessible. If they can’t even write a general public summary without resorting to ambiguous and impenetrable management speak just imagine how bad the actual rule book is.


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