Words of Wisdom

As always the Daily Mash is bang on, though I doubt they expected the Horoscope would be so accurate.

If Forrest Gump has taught us anything, it’s that being stupid, serving your country and not asking questions leads to untold riches, but bucking the system, protesting and thinking for yourself means YOU WILL GET AIDS AND YOU WILL DIE. You’re going to be just fine.

Just replace “get AIDS” and “Be hit by a train” and you have accurate described Britain’s railways. The money is staggeringly good (alas not for mere experts like me, shovel monkeys though are minting it), the system is innately stupid and asking questions is frowned on. OK the ‘serving your country’ part is perhaps pushing it, though I suspect Bob Crow probably thinks trains are more important than hospitals, but certainly bucking the system will end in death by train.


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