Great Headlines of our Times

Thames Valley Police pledge to solve more crimes

Without wishing to be too facetious surely that’s the main job of the Police, in all honesty I can’t think of much else that they do and none of that is more important than catching criminals.  As such these two paragraphs indicate how wrong I am;

Thames Valley Police received a “poor” rating for solving crimes in its annual assessment from inspectors this year.

The Police Report Card by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary gave the force an overall rating of “fair”.

Having looked at said Report Card it appears that actually solving crime is only one factor along side such vitals as “Satisfaction with service delivery”, “Comparative satisfaction of BME community” and “Meeting the Pledge Standards”. So despite Thames Valley being poor at solving crime they do well enough on the rest of the ‘vital’ areas to drag it up to a fair overall.

My conclusion? If the police are struggling to meet budget cuts can I suggest the report card gets scrapped straight away along with sacking everyone involved in producing them, checking them or thinking about them.


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