A Racist Strike?

For some reason this post from last month ended up in my draft section without being published. Despite being a good few weeks out of date I have, at last, finally found the publish button.

The local rag reported a strike at a local(ish) school which I must confess I skimmed over, here’s an online version. Basically three ‘specialist’ ‘language’ teachers are being made redundant and the remaining 17 staff went on strike. Apart from being somewhat surprised that a primary school taught foreign languages to that extend I basically forgot it.

Then today the NUT propaganda leaflet newsletter comic turned up through the post and revealed a few interesting facts.  The teachers in question weren’t ‘language’ teachers as the paper had claimed but were in fact ‘Ethnic Minority Achievement’ teachers who were so vital to the school that education nationwide would fail unless they were all reinstated. I might have exaggerated the last part, but not the first.

My simple question is this – isn’t that racist? A teacher who’s job is to only help children with a certain skin colour sounds racist. Still this is the NUT, how could they possibly support racism? Well apart from apartheid style one race conferences. Oh and giving all non-white members two votes in executive committee elections (one normal vote, one for the Minorities rep on the executive). But apart from all that this is most out of character, so clearly I must be missing something. It’s just I’ve no idea what.


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