Poverty Saves Lives

Less people are dying on US roads, a marvellous result no doubt, however the explanation given by the government bod in charge, Ray LaHood, is somewhat unusual;

LaHood said the weak economy was a contributing factor as many Americans chose not to go out to bars and restaurants after work or on the weekend.

So because people are too poor to got out they’re not dying on the roads. Frankly I think the millions of unemployed people would say that’s cratering the economy to make the roads marginally safer is an over-reaction, but who’s going to listen to them? Probably not LaHood who also said;

“While we’ve come a long way,” he said, “we have a long distance yet to travel.”

Expect further economic destruction in the name of safety, better to be unemployed and homeless than have a fractionally  higher chance of dying in a car accident.


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