The true meaning of the Pope’s visit

With B-16 safely out of the country we can now reveal the true purpose of his visit; organising the counter-revolutionaries to crush the inevitable workers uprising! It must be true, I read it in the Worker’s Revolutionary Party’s unmissable daily paper The News Line, a paper filled with in-depth analysis such as this;

The ruling class and the pope are joining together in an attempt to defeat the developing British socialist revolution.”


“The only way out of the crisis for the workers of the UK, Ireland and the rest of the capitalist world is through carrying out the world socialist revolution and getting rid of capitalism and imperialism.”

Some people might say the site is somewhat obsessed with revolution to the point of being contradictory (cuts must be opposed by revolution, the government can’t cut enough to avoid the debt and this will cause a revolution, the debt on it’s own will cause a revolution, etc), and that the WRP is a mickey mouse organisation that could barely afford to buy a decent second hand car let alone finance revolution.  And some people would be right, but it is good for a laugh every now and then.


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