Thinking Fail of the Week

From this article. A handful of Frenchmen (and a few others) have been kidnapped from a Uranium mine in Niger, probably by some nasty terrorist types. To deal with this the French defence minister says;

“For the time being, our concern is to be able to enter into contact with al-Qaeda, to have some demands… which we do not have,”

Later in the same article the French national police chief says;

“We’re now facing a peak threat that can’t be doubted. There is a specific threat against French interests.”

Could the fact French interests are being specifically targeted have anything to do with the fact that the French government is so keen to surrender that they actively chase the terrorists for their demands?

An instructive comparison could be the British government’s approach of never paying a ransom, sure some people get stranded (but then if you insist on yachting past Somalia you damned well deserve it) but kidnappers get the point and go after softer targets and governments who just give in, targets such as Frenchmen.


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