National Stereotypes #431

Today’s proof that national stereotypes are not without their grain of truth comes from the Orient. And Holland. Our story begins with a new bridge between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland…

Despite the best efforts of their new communistical overlords the good people of Hong Kong and Macau still drive on the correct side of the road, whereas in the Middle Kingdom itself the teachings of Mao are clear that the minions must drive on the wrong side of the road (in between making cheap plastic tat and dying in horrific industrial accidents of course)

This leads to some complexity of road design when it comes to bridges and other such connections and was something of a puzzler for the new crossing over the Pearl River. It is at this point that the Dutch enter our story as the imaginatively named architecture firm NLarchitects produced this wonder;

Fresh from NLarchitects very own renderer

At this point some of you may well be expecting a cheap “That looks like the designer was on drugs” type comment, nothing could be further from the truth as I actually think it looks quite funky if perhaps not entirely practical. No today’s stereotype is far more base, for you see NLarchitects have christened this concept the ‘Necklace’ as it sort of slightly looks like one if you squint.

When one remembers bridges, especially innovative ones, are traditionally named *place* *type* (for instance Humber Suspension Bridge) you can see what the Dutch have actually proposed is; The Pearl Necklace Bridge. You can take the Porn out of Holland…..


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