Toixic sludge problems? Just ask for Nicole.

As Hungary and all points east continue to vanish under a vast tide of red sludge what they need is a hero to save the day. Sadly what they have is the daft girl from the Renault advert; NICOLE!

Or to give it it’s proper title the Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe. As the established experts at looking at former Communist countries full of industrial wastelands these chaps are undoubtedly good at turning up and looking at stuff, for instance they have many fine photos of unpleasant bits of Poland;


A charming part of contaminated Poland.

Sadly while there are plenty of ‘before’ shots there are no ‘after’, indeed I’m not even convinced there is an ‘after’ of that part of Poland to take a photo of. I fear NICOLE just likes looking at the ruins of Eastern Europe, taking photos and then telling the locals it’s all their own fault for being Communistical for so long. Damned if I can see what else they do.


In actually doing something news the finest bearded experts from across Europe have been gathered to fly out to Hungary and tell them it’s serious. This vital work is being co-ordinated by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which appears to be a bit less impressive than it’s name would suggest. As far as can be determined flying out bearded experts is about as grand as it gets and you have to wonder; is it necessary? Are we really saying those experts wouldn’t turn up without a dozen bureaucrats filling forms in triplicate and pumping out press releases?  I know these chaps and they love nothing more than sticking their nose into a disaster, especially as outside experts; all the fun of speculation and research with none of the liability.

Frankly if I were the Hungarian government I might ignore both them and Nicole  put my faith in Papa instead.


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  1. Toixic sludge problems? Just ask for Nicole….

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