Oil leak news

The unspeakably evil foreigners from American oil firm Chevron have slightly polluted the North Sea and almost killed billions of people through shear evil… is how this post would have started if I wished to lower myself to the level of an American politician or journalist.

As it is there’s been a slight cockup at a Chevron rig in the North Sea and everyone had to be evacuated. There was a leak but the prevention system worked so it wasn’t that big and everyone made it off, as I type serious bearded types are poking at the rig to work out what happened and will report in due time. If something is found and if it’s gross negligence I might expect a moderate fine and a few unpleasantly detailed inspections of Chevron’s other rigs, however I would be surprised if the head of the HSE launches a blanket attack on all American oil firms or the PM and all main political parties demand vast piles of cash from Chevron to piss up the wall as they see fit.

On a slightly more serious note I am reluctantly forced to tip my hat to the HSE’s North Sea division. Like most people I’ve experienced awful and counter-productive health and safety and questioned the paternity of those responsible for the entire concept, however the contrast between the North Sea and the situation in the Gulf of Mexico reminds me of what happens if you go too far the other way. I still wont forgive them for shit like this though.


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