Yet another guest publication

It’s Monday morning. The tubes are striking, the weather is awful and I’m not in the best of moods so clearly now is the best time to receive an offer to buy this pile of turd, Parking Review. Just listen to some of the gripping topics discussed;

  • The Traffic Management Act 2004
  • Parking appeals and adjudication
  • Cashless parking
  • Car park refurbishment

Surprisingly it gets worse, your subscription to Parking Review will also contain the unmissable Enforcers Magazine, the premier magazine for traffic wardens, parking attendants and those dealing with the “civil enforcement” of parking. If there was ever a set of envelopes that deserved to be stuffed full of ricin then the postal shot for this magazine is it.

Being vaguely topical am I worried about being dragged to court when someone misunderstands the joke above? No, for three good reasons;

  1. Almost no-one reads this blog. At all.
  2. If the police start trying to prosecute everyone who makes jokes about traffic wardens then the entire UK population will end up being dragged through the courts and finally
  3. Ricin is an utterly useless terrorist weapon and, barring Georgi Markov, damned if I can find anyone who’s died from it.  Even by the lax standards of ‘credible threat’ Ricin just isn’t threatening.

On which note we have much to thank the Bulgarian secret police for, had their mad Italo-Bulgar-Danish assassin not killed Markov in such an elaborate manner with the poisoned umbrella many would-be terrorists would have been unaware of Ricin and might have used something actually dangerous.  Good work fellas.


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