Hello, I am an extreme Libertarian

While reading an article from the Indy this morning this did rather leap out at me;

On the other hand, only the extreme libertarians say that people should be free to wreck their lives if they choose.

As I do think people should be free to whatever they want to their own lives (other people’s lives are a different matter, as is having a wrecked life due to having no choice at all or due to other people’s choices) then clearly I am an extreme libertarian.  You learn something every day hey?

That or Martin Hickman is a big government knows best retard. Honestly I’m leaning towards the latter, but what do I know? I’m an extremist…


2 Responses to “Hello, I am an extreme Libertarian”

  1. Odd. Apparently I’m an extreme libertarian, too. I’d always seen myself as more of a liberal social democrat, but that just shows what I know, I guess.

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