A moral question

The ever investigative chaps at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (last in the news for poking their noses into the CIAs ‘extraordinary rendition’ programme) have looked into one of the many, many nasty corners of the whole Balkan mess and come up with this unpleasantness;

Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo

Which essentially comes to the conclusion that the Kosovo Liberation Army probably did knock off quite a few Serbian prisoners and steal their organs.  So today’s moral question; is that better or worse than just killing them?

Given the sheer hatred on both sides the Serbian prisoners were dead regardless, at least by having their organs nicked they weren’t tortured too badly, it might damage the organs. Against is just my instinctive revulsion at it, but damned if I can put my finger on any objective reason why. From a strictly utilitarian view point they were dead either way, at least this way others got a chance at life. Is that worth the money that flowed back to the region that fuelled the war? I’m not sure, that is after all why it’s a moral question.

Well on that cheerful question I’ll leave it. Don’t worry it’ll be back to concrete and engineering f*ckups next time.


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