Making Yourself Look Stupid

Let us say you are a journalist who’s got an axe to grind about High Speed  2. You want to knock of a blog post damning the project, do you do a very,very brief bit of research on the subject or do you just make something up that suits your prejudice?

If you chose the later option well done, there may well be a job at the Telegraph for you. Certainly they let Andrew Gilligan get away with making himself look an idiot by making things up;

And tens of thousands of Londoners in Primrose Hill, Swiss Cottage, Kilburn, Queens Park and Kensal Green are also at risk of vibration from tunnels under or near their homes.

No-one has ever suffered vibration from trains in tunnels 20m below ground level. Hell no-one suffers vibrations from tunnels a couple of meters below ground level, it is quite possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen written about a train tunnel, and given some of the spectacuarly dense people I’ve dealt with over the years that is saying something.

The worst thing is if he’d wanted to do a blatantly unfair hatchet job on the scheme there were countless legitimate scare stories he could have used, problems that are actually possible and don’t make him look like a feckless idiot.

Looking at his other transport related posts I feel a series coming on – “The On-Going Dribblings of the Lazy and/or Ignorant Fool Gilligan”. It may need a snappier title.


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