Cheap Joke of the Day

Warplanes over Libya! Revolution in Yemen! The continuing existence of the retarded fool Christian Wolmar!

I am concerned about none of these things, instead I am laughing at the name of an entirely innocent US warship that happens to be sailing to Libya; the mighty USS Ponce.

That I find this amusing to the extent of ignoring most of what it’s actually doing off Libya tells you a great deal about the human race. Or perhaps just about me, who knows?


2 Responses to “Cheap Joke of the Day”

  1. You might consider that article on the USS Ponce boring (it’s certainly not the most fascinating thing I’ve ever read), but browsing through the comments did turn up this gem:

    Gay Charioteer is a particularly delightful name for a boat, while Gay Bruiser is distinctly worrying.

    • I must confess that wonder passed me by, but I am very glad you brought it to my attention.

      I think the Gay Dragoon serving as “The Ship That Died of Shame” was a bit odd though, surely it would be the Gay Forester that died of shame; certainly I’d be very embarrassed if everyone else was named after warfare while I was only named after chopping down trees.

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