Your Cynical Challenge of the Week

As you are all doubtless aware it is Earth Hour this very weekend, yes at 8.30pm you are formally requested to turn off your lights in a bid to really make life difficult for the National Grid show you care about climate change.

Thus your challenge of the week is at 9.25pm (ish) this Saturday pay a visit to this website where the nice chaps at the National Grid will tell you what the current electricity demand is in the UK in real time and for the last hour. This should tell you the real story of whether or not Earth Hour made a damned bit of difference outside all the PR stunts and press releases.

Sure they do back-dated graphs, but you get 5 minute resolution on the 1 hour demand graph, enabling you to find out at exactly which point people thought ‘blow this for a game of soldiers’ and turned the lights on again.


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