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Rail Strike Incoming

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So a train driver has been caught reading the paper while ‘driving’ his train. Now the train operator pretty much has to discipline the driver or risk attracting attention from the safety regulators, but it is well established RMT policy that no member will ever suffer regardless of what they do and never face the consequences of their actions.

Thus I predict after the full investigation establishes the driver should be disciplined the local RMT chapter will ballot for strike action until he is re-instated (and pay rises all round to cover the emotional distress of the members seeing someone being accountable for their actions). Now FGW will probably back down, train operators normally do, but some form of industrial action has to be on the horizon.


Do you want sinks?

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In a semi follow up to the epic Plant Closing News here is the next link in the chain, machine tool auctioneers to the stars Apex Auctions. Yes if you require everything from geothermal drilling equipment to effluent treatment plants this is the place to go, though my favourite was this beasty, a 320 ton press for making sinks. No idea why, I just like the idea of a large factory stamping out sinks.

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