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Imagine? No I’d rather not thanks.

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This chap sums up the full hypocritical horror of Imagine better than I ever could.

Frankly it’s enough to make you grateful someone stopped John Lennon before he could write anything worse….


How far will this go?

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A few years ago two gentlemen independently came to the conclusion that rapping in a posh English style would be amusing. The first gentlemen was a comedian who developed it as an act for ‘Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer’ and eventually produced such wonders as Straight out of Surrey to show of his cricket Chap-Hop skillz. At the other end an actually musically talented gentleman called himself Professor Elemental and Cup of Brown Joy about the wonders of steampunk Tea.

Now, thanks to the wonder of the internet, these two chaps are now aware of each other and the inevitable has happened; Fighting Trousers as one calls out the other. Frankly if this doesn’t end in a very formal duel I will be deeply disappointed.

Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding #8

Posted in Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding with tags on March 21, 2010 by awickerman

Thanks to the joys of automatic possibly related post generation this link appeared at the end of last weeks inappropriate song post. Frankly I wasn’t aware there were that many special wedding music moments and wondered which band could provide that many songs that shouldn’t be played. While there are many candidates this week’s winners are AC/DC who can inappropriately score your entire wedding should you so desire;

  • Prelude – Hell’s Bells
  • Processional – Highway to Hell
  • Bridal Processional – Sink the Pink
  • Interlude – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Recessional – Are You Ready?
  • First Dance – Shake Your Foundations
  • Cutting the Cake – T.N.T.
  • Garter and Bouquet Toss – Satellite Blues
  • Last Dance – You Shook Me All Night Long
  • Getaway – For Those About to Rock

A bit patchy in terms of inappropriateness but frankly who wouldn’t enjoy that wedding?

Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding #7

Posted in Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding with tags , on March 14, 2010 by awickerman

It’s the very end of the weekend so it’s that time again, time for us to consider those songs that almost certainly do not grace your local wedding venue’s musical collection. This week we are continuing the psychological warfare theme but changing our target to the guests. Those of a weak disposition should look away and definitely not click more.

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Our Survey Says

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Annoying news item in the Evening Standard tonight on the latest PPP deal. Frankly it was wrong in almost every respect save for the fact that PPP was a damned stupid idea. I was going to post something on it however in depth statistical analysis appears to reveal no-one actually reads those rants and only the ‘Inappropriate songs for a wedding’ posts get any readers at all.

Why I expected anything else I know not, but at least I found out before writing a detailed critique that no-one would read. On the plus side it does at least leave more time for song based updates, which should please the several readers who appear to enjoy them.

Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding #6

Posted in Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding with tags on March 7, 2010 by awickerman

Another weekend, another song that has probably never been played at a wedding. After last week’s sledgehammer of intent this time something more subtle, not that much more subtle I admit, but it has a melancholy beauty all it’s own;

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Points will be awarded if the bride actually looks over her shoulder while walking up or if the groom slightly sighs in regret as the veil is lifted. Double marks for a brief but pregnant pause during the ceremony, lingering just a bit too long on saying ‘I do’ as the speaker resigns themselves to never meeting the love of their life and settling for the best they could get. Extra marks if the other have notices this pause and runs out crying as their perfect day. Full points will only be awarded if the person left at the altar eventually marries the best man/bridesmaid and lives happily ever after.

Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding #5

Posted in Inappropriate Songs for a Wedding with tags on February 28, 2010 by awickerman

It’s Sunday, what better day for a song that brides would be best to avoid when coming down the aisle. Unless they have no intention of getting married or have a particularly malicious streak, in which case these choices are full of win.

Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less and Less

If that doesn’t prompt a deep and fundamental self doubt in your partner to be nothing will

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