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Perhaps They Just Chose… Poorly

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Article in which various ‘top graduates’ complain about a lack of work and complain about a Tory MP for saying things they disagree with.

Whatever the merits of their case the author of the article didn’t exactly pick the strongest examples to prove their point. The three complaining graduates have ‘Classical Studies’, ‘Modern History’ and ‘Music’ degrees. All wonderful subjects no doubt, but maybe they are struggling to find a job as what they’ve learnt isn’t particularly relevant to the jobs they are applying for.

But then ‘Students who pick fluffy degrees struggle to find real jobs’ probably isn’t as good a story is it?


Great Units of Our Time

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While I realise I may have just led a sheltered life I have never before come across a unit of measurement that combines two units from entirely different systems into one contradictory whole, until today. For today I came across the acre millimetre, which quite obviously is the volume required to fill a one acre area up to a depth of one millimetre.

There was, of course, the acre inch or the hectare millimetre available, but luckily the author spurned these options and instead chose to take the gloriously unconventional path. Truly it enlivened an otherwise deadly dull report, though admittedly at the cost of making me question every other number in the document.

This marvellous unit was topped when, while looking for similarly odd unit combinations, I can across a petition against the Jispa Dam quoting the dam’s capacity as 0.6 million hectare feet of water, which is a truly outstanding unit which will mean nothing to people who think in either system. Only those conversant in both will have a feel for it, and they are probably the people who’d most prefer it if the two weren’t mixed. Truly a triumph of number wrangling.

For those who demand scat

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Do you want scat right now? I hope not but if you do then I recommend you talk to the nice chaps at SCATnow. If you’re not sure they’ll even try and convince you by answering the question ‘Why SCAT?, hopefully with a better answer than ‘Why not?’


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I didn’t notice the TIE bomber at all!

A subtle test

From the wondrous Very Demotivational

Words of Wisdom

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As always the Daily Mash is bang on, though I doubt they expected the Horoscope would be so accurate.

If Forrest Gump has taught us anything, it’s that being stupid, serving your country and not asking questions leads to untold riches, but bucking the system, protesting and thinking for yourself means YOU WILL GET AIDS AND YOU WILL DIE. You’re going to be just fine.

Just replace “get AIDS” and “Be hit by a train” and you have accurate described Britain’s railways. The money is staggeringly good (alas not for mere experts like me, shovel monkeys though are minting it), the system is innately stupid and asking questions is frowned on. OK the ‘serving your country’ part is perhaps pushing it, though I suspect Bob Crow probably thinks trains are more important than hospitals, but certainly bucking the system will end in death by train.

Inconvenient research that will be ignored

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I predict now this research will go absolutely nowhere, it is just not what anybody involved wants to hear. Killing oil covered sea birds rather than cleaning them? Madness. Just because they all die within a week is no reason not to produce those iconic pictures of caring volunteers cleaning them; smug self satisfaction is in fact more important to most of those groups than actual animal welfare.

As for everyone else involved, oil firms obviously can’t mention it, while the US government will merely file it so they can use it as yet another stick to beat BP with in a few months time (while letting Haliburton and Transocean of scot-free as their American).

Apart from the birds it’s the scientists I feel sorry for, all that work and no-one is going to even want to read their work because they’ve come up with the ‘wrong’ answer.

The biggest obstacle to safety on the railways

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2010 by awickerman

I’ve mentioned in the past rail safety is a horrific mess full of paperwork and fail which is undoubtedly producing a great deal of forms ticked but perhaps killing too many people. Well worry no more for the guardians of rail safety have emerged from their luxurious offices to present; The New Approach

Those of you foolish enough to actually click on that will have been rewarded with a pile of bilge complete with such ridiculous statements as;

The output from the New Approach is assumed to have a safety benefit of 0.245 fatalities and weighted injuries per year

Which I think means it might stop one person being killed or serious injured every four years but frankly it’s a pile of tripe anyway you cut it. I could go on but I’ll just state this point, the whole point of the New Approach is to simplify the rule book and make it easier to understand and more accessible. If they can’t even write a general public summary without resorting to ambiguous and impenetrable management speak just imagine how bad the actual rule book is.

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