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A minor design fault

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Are you worried your house will fall into the Crossrail tunnels? Are you concerned Crossrail 2 (the Chelsea to Hackney Line) will mean your house has to be destroyed? Terrified that the bits on the end of Crossrail may end up being connected to the rest of the railways through your house?

Well worry no more! The Crossrail safeguarding team will tell you so your vague worries can crystallise into actual terror, all through the medium of a handy web based search.

There is but one minor flaw, as far as I can tell it only shows a result if your property is in or close to the limits, everyone else in Central London gets this message;

“Sorry, we couldn’t find your postcode.”

Which really doesn’t help. Admittedly I believe this message actually means “You are outside the safeguarded routes so will be fine”, but that’s only because I already know where those routes are. A nice idea, let down by someone buggering up the error handling I suspect.

This feature is not available for High Speed 2, mainly because there is no safeguarded route for HS2. There is no safeguarded route because people still haven’t decided quite where it’s going. But worry not, there is a giant pot of money knocking about for the ‘Exceptional hardship‘ of someone possibly building a giant high speed railway nearby. Of course when (if?) anyone finally picks a route, and decides which bunch of home owners in the Chilterns to forever offend, this scheme will close and be replaced by the standard compensation scheme. So hurry now to claim your money, the properly thought out not-exceptional compensation scheme is far less generous.


Construction Inflation

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Today I found myself going through the big book of costs at work and was interested to come across the pricing for the previous Bond Street station upgrade, this was from the 1995 attempt at CrossRail not the current one. It was a similar scheme (bigger ticket halls, better access, CrossRail connection, etc) but the price was a surprise.

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The Entrails are Wrong. As usual.

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Today the High Priests of my employer descended from the boardroom to dispense their wisdom, the augurs had been consulted and the news was bad. The new Conservative-Liberal coalition government was a terrible result for the company and would end badly for everyone.

The reasoning appeared to be that a Labour government would have been good for the firm as they would have continued borrowing money the country couldn’t afford and spending it like it was going out of fashion. That this would lead to national bankruptcy and general misery was ignored by our economic soothsayers for reasons I still don’t really understand.

On the other hand the entrails clearly indicated that David Cameron would undoubtedly slash all infrastructure spending, cancel all spending and we would all be jobless by the end of the year and living in a cardboard box. There was no mention of the Liberals as they were dismissed as frankly irrelevant. (And to be honest, looking at the cabinet posts they got I’m forced to concur)

So what happened today, at almost the exact time the Priests were reciting this prophecy? The new Transport Secretary confirmed CrossRail thus guaranteeing every tunneller in the country a job till 2016 at least. And with High Speed Two also getting heavily promoted there may even be a solid conveyor of mega projects well into the 2020s.

All in all another stunning success for our divine forecasters, the same people who recommended we ‘Go into Property’ and that ‘The Middle East is a booming market’, leading to us ending up with a massive property business in Dubai just before the crash and Dubai bailout. That ended about as well as you’d expect.

What worries me is not that our forecasters are inept, it’s not that we keep employing them, it’s the fact we sell their services to others that scares me. How bad must the competition be?

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