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Great WiFi names of our times

Posted in Irregular Features, Tenuous Link of the Day with tags , , , on November 24, 2010 by awickerman

Due to a thrilling move at work I’ve been messing around with WiFi at the office. While searching for the company network I found this wonder:


Someone not very keen on sharing their internet connection clearly.


This week’s Guest Publication

Posted in Irregular Features, Tenuous Link of the Day with tags , , , on October 3, 2010 by awickerman

Cracking Matters! The scintillating journal of the concrete repair association which is exactly as exciting as you would imagine.

The Hero Complex

Posted in Irregular Features, Tenuous Link of the Day, Your cut-out-and-keep Guide with tags , , , on August 22, 2010 by awickerman

After watching the quite excellent ‘Lie to Me’ recently one of the characters mentioned a ‘Hero complex’ among American fire-fighters which meant they were almost eight times more likely to die on the job than other first world firemen.

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Death and Taxes

Posted in Almost Beyond Words, Rantings, Tenuous Link of the Day with tags , , , , , on July 9, 2010 by awickerman

A random post about the US. Not living in the country, or indeed being that bothered about it, on the subject of US healthcare reform my indifference is almost boundless, if only BBC News shared that attitude.

However this story did get a reaction from me, mainly one of ‘thank Buddha on a tricycle I don’t live there’. The idea of the tax man being involved in health care is a terrifying one, almost as bad as the idea of using doctors to run the tax service in fact. As the article (almost) says a fair and compassionate tax man is an entirely mythical beast, which bodes ill for anyone getting ill in America in the next few years.

Still at least when you die in hospital because the tax man has sent you forms instead of medicine you will know you’ve died in a tax efficient manner. There’s the added bonus that the tax man can get right on to applying inheritance tax to your estate instead of waiting to be told your dead. Sure that does mean there’s a double perverse incentive for the tax man to kill people not cure them (saving money and getting to tax your grieving relatives  early) but I’m sure they’ll be fair and compassionate…  Oh hang on.

What is the point of a Deputy Prime Minister?

Posted in Alas the Mystery Remains Holmes with tags , , on May 12, 2010 by awickerman

Without getting into the politics of it I do wonder what the point of a Deputy Prime Minister is. Past DPMs have generally had real jobs to go along side the nice title, Nick Clegg (at the moment) doesn’t have one. This does not auger well for him as it does bring back memories of John Prescott, stripped of his other offices in 2001 he was allowed to stay as DPM but had nothing to do, hence he spent his time shagging the staff and playing croquet.

Something tells me Senor Clegg has slightly higher hopes for his time in power, but damned if I can see what he’s going to do.

Unusual advice from BBC News

Posted in And thus the Mystery was solved Watson!, Tenuous Link of the Day with tags , , , , , , on May 8, 2010 by awickerman

Apparently we need to ‘Look to Israel’ for advice on the current hung parliament problem, or so says the news presenter as his hook for the next item.

I can only imagine the advice from Jerusalem is to rename Scotland to ‘The occupied territories’, deny the locals the vote and then send the RAF out to launch air strikes on Alex Salmond and Gordon Brown. Certainly such a campaign would unite the country, who wouldn’t want to see Gordon Brown splattered over a wall after being in the face with a Storm Shadow cruise missile, but I fear this marvellous scheme will not come to fruition. Or get any BBC support come to that.

German Engineering

Posted in Almost Beyond Words, And thus the Mystery was solved Watson! with tags , on March 6, 2010 by awickerman

One of the more ridiculous examples of unsupported reputation is that of German efficiency and engineering competence. As a helpful counter point I present to you this. Yes Germany is unable to even pour concrete that lasts for a few years or in cold weather.

That said it was self inflicted, if the report is correct and the blocks were hollow they were just asking for trouble. Frankly given that they (somehow) spunked €25 million on it I really would have expected solid concrete blocks, it really shouldn’t have cost that much more, indeed may have been cheaper.

Either way it’s another unfortunate chapter in the be-cursed life of the monument, though I doubt they’ll manage to top the first and greatest cock-up; when picking the supplier of the anti-graffiti coating they somehow managed to end up with Degussa, a company with an unfortunate past.

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