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Stealth Crane

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While perusing the indescribable joy of Cranes Today, without doubt the premier source of independent crane based news this wonderful story leapt out at me; The Stealth Crane! Sadly it is merely a battery-powered, silent operation crane, which really isn’t the same thing at all.

A disappointing Crane

Full Disappointment not shown due to bitter tears of disappointed grief.

That may not even be the right one, but damned if I’m going to carefully research exactly which of the equally not-at-all-stealthy cranes is the correct model. I mean look at it. Is it shimmering like a Command & Conqueror Stealth Tank? Does it even look like it could shimmer and vanish? No it does not. Curse you Cranes Today, bringer of misery and disappointment.


A strange publication

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A slightly unusual specialist publication this week. Despite being mostly a collection of industrial news it comes across as being almost ghoulish and slightly unsettling. I am, of course, referring to that pre-eminent US publication Plant Closing News.

A typical issue will cover the 50 or so industrial plants that have announced a closure in the last two weeks (it’s a bi-monthly publication), break them down my sector and location and then giveĀ  brief detail on the plant and who to contact about getting the decommissioning, asset stripping, auctioning and demotion contracts. Or as they put it;

Plant Closing News is a valuable resource for rebuilders, used equipment dealers, dismantlers, demolishers, remediation contractors, equipment riggers, craters, and equipment transport firms looking for current business opportunities, particularly those arising from the closing or relocating of North American industrial manufacturing plants.

The slightly ghoulish part is the ‘Bankruptcy’ section which lists plants that have gone bankrupt and so are potential candidates for closure (and so potential clients for demolishers, dismantlers, etc)

Worse than that though are the brief descriptions, some of which are quite poignant, for example;

Niagara Milk Cooperative, a fixture on Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls, NY for almost 60 years, will be closed down in May leaving more than 50 workers without jobs

Underneath which is the name and contact details for the plant manager so you can call him him and try and get the contract to demolish his factory or crate up the machinery and ship it to Brazil. Nice.

This week’s Guest Publication

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Cracking Matters! The scintillating journal of the concrete repair association which is exactly as exciting as you would imagine.

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