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Construction Inflation

Posted in Irregular Features, The Underground, Your cut-out-and-keep Guide with tags , , , , , , on August 26, 2010 by awickerman

Today I found myself going through the big book of costs at work and was interested to come across the pricing for the previous Bond Street station upgrade, this was from the 1995 attempt at CrossRail not the current one. It was a similar scheme (bigger ticket halls, better access, CrossRail connection, etc) but the price was a surprise.

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Return of the Nuke

Posted in And thus the Mystery was solved Watson!, Even Stevie Wonder Saw That Coming, Tenuous Link of the Day with tags , , , , on July 15, 2010 by awickerman

After some probably ill-advised detours I think it’s time to return to something engineering related. So I bring you the news that the planning permission process for the next generation of nuclear plants is generally considered a pointless time wasting sham by all involved.

OK this may just be confirmation of something you previously suspected, but at least you can now l0ok at the pretty Hinkley Point C sub-contractor website. While there you may note the fact the preliminary works (which need no planning permission but have only purpose) are starting soon while the actual work on the power station has already been scheduled in for next year.

Barring a horrific nuclear incident this is going to happen and all the ‘inquiries’ into it have already been comprehensively fixed, which is very reassuring for those of us who like a reliable electricity supply.

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